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Picture of 3627 Black

3627 Black

by Marian
$239.95 $89.95
by Bella Regazza


If you appreciate true quality, comfort and craftsmanship, take a look at the amazing line of Italian footwear created by Marian. Using only the best quality materials, leathers and suedes, Marian has established itself as a leading international women’s shoe brand that delivers timeless classics. Year after year, this brand focuses on using innovations in the industry to make elegant masterpieces that suit the modern lifestyle with a distinctly feminine touch. Every piece manufactured by Marian has the iconic Italian feel to it. Since 1974, Thomas Anton Tremiño from the young age of 23 years, has continued to capture the essence of unique styles that evolve in women’s footwear, depending on the latest trends. Designers till date closely monitor fashionable looks and new shapes in footwear, in their quest for excellence at Marian. You can browse through their beautiful collection when you visit Shouz online or at our stores in Adelaide.

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