Brand highlight: Woden’s green credentials

Some of you may have noticed a new kid on the block this year – Woden. This Scandinavian brand is one of our favourite new additions to the Shouz brand range for its comfort, style, and most importantly, its green credentials. With discussions around sustainability and the impact of our purchasing decisions on the planet coming to the forefront in recent years, it’s more important than ever to consider the brands we’re casting our dollar votes for. And while very few can claim to be truly sustainable, some are trying to do better.


Enter Woden. How so? 


  1.        Quality designs = less waste

One great way of battling overproduction, overconsumption, and ultimately waste, is conscious consumption. That means buying the best quality product you can afford that you know will serve you for years to come. Instead of buying 5 pairs of new sneakers that will fall apart and end up in landfill in a year, invest in a quality pair of Woden sneakers that will take you the distance, because these shoes were designed for durability.


  1.        Carbon-neutral fish leather


Ever heard of fish leather? The fish skin used by Woden is a by-product of Iceland’s salmon fishing industry. A mere 1% of this is reused while the rest is discarded as waste. Yet this natural material is sustainable, hard-wearing and 10x stronger than calf leather, which is why Woden have chosen to incorporate it into their designs. How is this carbon-neutral, you may ask? Because this leather is treated and tanned using eco-friendly techniques without leaving Iceland.


  1.        Recycled materials


Woden are always trying to come up with creative ways to turn waste material into new textiles for their shoes. Woden shoes feature outsoles made from at least 10% recycled rubber, 65% natural rubber and 25% conventionally produced rubber. They are continuously working towards increasing the proportion of recycled rubber in their designs.  Alongside using recycled fish leather and rubber, the backing in Woden sneakers consists of 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles.


  1.        Cork insoles


Woden’s cork insoles come from cork trees gently harvested in Argentina and Portugal. The cork trees are not felled but instead harvested over many years. What’s more, in the process of forming new bark, cork trees produce oxygen and contribute to the reduction of the planet’s CO2 levels. We definitely like the sound of that.


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