6 Nail Trends To Try In 2022

There’s something about sunshine, blue skies and soaring temperatures that makes us want to dabble in colour, prints and everything bright and crazy. Our nails are no different. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself leaving behind your blacks and burgundies and going for something a little more out-there. Below we’ve rounded up our 6 favourite nail trends of the season to give you some fun ideas to try this summer, whether it's for a mani or a pedi. 



In the colour department, blue is definitely having a moment. The bolder and brighter the better - so think electric blue. Pastel shades are also always in style. Experiment with glossy vs matte finishes for a fun twist on texture. 


Image source: Betina Goldstein via Instagram



Pink has been gaining solid momentum across the fashion sphere. From neon designer purses to baby pink dresses, pink is very much back in favour. This season, pastel pink has infiltrated the nail trend list. Think of it as an upgrade on your favourite nude go-to shade.

Image source: raelondonnails via Instagram


Funky French

Most of us remember the (huge) moment that French nails had in the early 2000’s (don’t skip ahead just yet!). We don’t blame you if you’re still slightly disturbed by it all but what we’re suggesting isn’t remotely related to the outlandishly thick white tips of the era. Instead, think updated French. We’re talking fine tips in bright colours like pink, orange and green. 

Image source: Pinterest

For an even fresher take on this classic style, try a quirky, high-fashion-inspired style. We’re suggesting Peter Do’s SS22 runway nails for inspo, featuring wavy black tips that extend down into the negative space. It doesn’t have to be black either - try it with bright summery shades if that’s more you.   

Image source: jinsoon via Instagram


Bedazzled (glitter tips)

We are strong proponents of anything and everything that sparkles so it should come as no surprise that we’re encouraging you to make your regular French manicure a little more festive. You can choose to dial this up or down and can choose to play around with the shape of the tip (think outside the box!) 

Image source: thehangedit via Instagram


Abstract swirl

We saw it on clothes and now it’s coming to nail art - the abstract swirl is a fun summer style that you can personalize with your favourite colour combinations. With a little bit of practice, it’s also relatively easy to do at home.

Image source: lolo.nailedit via Instagram



This nail trend has been around for a couple of years. Yet every season, new colour combinations and ideas emerge that keep us coming back. One of our favourite ways to do this is a tonal mani, where you choose a different tone from the same or similar colour family to apply to each nail. A bolder approach is what we like to call the easter bunny nail trend where you paint each nail a different colour (either pastels or bright, contrasting colours).

Take it a step further by getting creative with patterns, designs and colour combinations on each nail. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints.  

Image source: Pinterest


If all else fails…

If all else fails, explore the neutral colour spectrum. With pink trending this year, choose a colour with a light pink undertone for a fresh take on this classic hue.

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